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Understanding Human Experiences in the Digital Age –

We’re continuing and expanding Mediacity’s 15 years of expertise on user experience and interactivity
– Exploring and measuring human experiences of digital solutions.

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The Lab

Unique methods and measuring tools, with tailored solutions for each case – eye tracking, EEG, psycho-physiological measures, questionnaires and interviews.
An experimental environment in which we examine new trends and technologies, and sort out what works from a human point of view.
A meeting place between research and business.


The Method

Our way of working starts from your needs – and follows the principles of user centred design; the end-user is involved in every step of the process.
We can support the process all the way from idea to final result

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Rule of thumb for UX: More options more problems.

Scott Belsky, Vice President of Products & Community at Adobe


The Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team – cognitive science, IT, sociology, developmental psychology, political science and economics.
We have a diverse portfolio of expertise – research, development, customer relations and project management

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Kimmo Rautanen

Yvonne Backholm
Coordinator, External Relations, Media and Political Science

Sören Andersson
Technical Manager, IT Engineer, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

Joachim Högväg
Method Developer/Project Researcher, Cognitive Scientist, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

Joachim Majors
User Experience Analyst, Information Systems and Marketing, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

Susanne Hägglund
Research Architect, Sociology

Anette Bengs
Project Researcher, Developmental Psychology


Keywords: We…

..Understand human experiences related to digital services.
..Conduct tests on digital services and processes.
..Focus our development work on the end-user.
..Support innovation and development.
..Customize our services to your needs.

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More than 100 development projects

We offer tailored solutions for each case

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More than 100 development projects with partners from different fields.