Understanding Human Experiences in the Digital Age -

We´re continuing and expanding MediaCity´s 15 years of expertise on user experience and interactivity
- exploring and measuring human experiences of digital solutions.

The Lab

Unique methods and measuring tools, with tailored solutions for each case - eye tracking, EEG, psycho-physiological measures, questionnaires and interviews.
An experimental environment in which we examine new trends and technologies, and sort out what works from a human point of view.
A meeting place between research and business.

The Method

Our way of working starts from your needs - and follows the principles of user centred design; the end-user is involved in every step of the process.
We can support the process all the way from idea to final result

"Rule of thumb for UX: More options more problems."

Scott Belsky, Vice President of Products & Community at Adobe

The Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team - cognitive science, IT, sociology, developmental psychology, political science and economics.
We have a diverse portfolio of expertise - research, development, customer relations and project management

Kimmo Rautanen


+358 50 3491 239
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Yvonne Backholm

Coordinator, External Relations, Media and Political Science

+358 50 5218 716
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Sören Andersson

Technical Manager, IT Engineer, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

+358 50 5118 379
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Joachim Högväg

Method Developer/Project Researcher, Cognitive Scientist, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

+358 50 5915 236
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Joachim Majors

User Experience Analyst, Information Systems and Marketing, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)

+358 50 5781 088
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Susanne Hägglund

Research Architect, Sociology

+358 50 5581 188
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Anette Bengs

Project Researcher, Developmental Psychology
(on leave of absence)

+358 50 3131 952
Email: first name.surname@abo.fi

Keywords: We

Understand human experiences related to digital services.
Conduct tests on digital services and processes.
Focus our development work on the end-user.
Support innovation and development.
Customize our services to your needs.


More than 100 development projects with partners from different fields.
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