360° content in the eyes of journalists and readers

Immersive journalism offers reporters a new tool to induce presence and user engagement in (news) stories. 360° video content may be consumed on a mobile phone, a computer or via a VR headset and allows for a first-person experience of stories and locations. Expectations are high on this particular mode of journalism as the reader/consumer may interact with the story to a great extent and really feel present and “being there”. Only a few studies have however explored the potential of immersive videos on user engagement with news, user experience while consuming the news and as a part of the journalist’s toolbox.

During 2018, Experience Lab will explore the key values of 360° video as a storytelling tool, in the eyes of readers and journalists, together with HSS Media, Forum, ReThink New Media Solutions and Klas Backholm at the Political Science with Masscommunication department. The explorative study is funded by Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland.

Kontaktperson: Susanne Hägglund